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Life Risk Actuarial Science

Our life risk actuarial science experts use actuarial mathematics techniques of life contingencies in order to price life assurance contracts (e.g., term assurance, whole life assurance, endowment assurance, annuity assurance, and pure endowment) and value policy values (e.g., prospective and retrospective reserves, surrender values and paid-up values)


  • Constructing Survival Functions and Life Tables (Select, Ultimate and Aggregate)

  • Calculating Life Annuities (Fixed, Variable, Temporary and Deferred)

  • Pricing Life Assurance Contracts at the Issue Date (Office and Net Premiums)

  • Valuing Life Assurance Contracts During the Life of the Policy (Prospective and Retrospective Reserves)

  • Measuring Modified Reserves (FPT and CRVM)

  • Determining Surrender Values for Life Assurance Contracts

  • Determination of Paid-up Values for Life Assurance Contracts

  • Construction of Actuarial Balance Sheets of Insurance Companies


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