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Financial and Economic Modeling

Our financial and economic modeling experts use sophisticated tools in order to build complex financial projections for business performance, investment, projects, etc. Our extensive comprehensive, wide scale knowledge in macro-economic, accounting, investments and tax provide us with the necessary tools to implement an in depth understanding of the uncertainties, variables and scenarios needed to be taken into our forecasts for our diverse range of local and international loyal clientele.


  • Complex Economic Modeling (BOT and PPP) and Financial Control and Support

  • Modeling Control Premium, Minority Discount, Nuisance Value and Discount for Lack of Marketability (DLOM)

  • Matrimonial Litigation

  • Business Valuation in Litigation

  • Valuation of Potential Earning Capacity, Career Assets and Personal Goodwill

  • Commercial Damages and Lost Profits

  • Business and Intellectual Property Damages

  • Personal Injury and Wrongful Death




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