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Corporate Finance Valuation

Our corporate finance valuation experts specialize in valuating businesses and intangible assets to provide expert analysis relating to litigation, tax planning, M&A's and business transactions.


  • Corporation, Enterprise and Business Segment Valuation 

  • Intangible Assets Valuation

  • Purchase Price Allocation (PPA)

  • Goodwill Impairment Testing

  • Embedded Option and Real Option Valuation

  • Employee Stock Option (ESOP) Valuation​

  • Common Stock in a Privately-Held Company (409A) Valuation 

  • Equity Component and Complicated Equity or Liability Instrument Split (PWERM / CCM / OPM)

  • Contingent Liability, Guarantee and Loan Valuation

  • Inter-Company and International Transfer Price Valuation (At Arm's Length)

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